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Kitesurf. Have fun in Zanzibar!

Kitesurf in Zanzibar

Sport lovers will find a surprising location in Zanzibar. One of the major highlights of this area is the reliable wind… and this is the reason why the island has become a famous kitesurfing spot, a good environment both for learners and experts.

Kitesurf is one of the most fun activities you can try out during your stay in Tanzania. This surface water sport uses the power of the wind to propel a controllable power kite across the water on a kiteboard.

Despite the way it looks, it is quite easy to learn the basic techniques of kitesurfing, plus it doesn’t require to be very trained or strong, so that it is suitable for most of people of any age.

Just a few and simple rules, that you can get during a short course, will be enough to go on and exercise yourself in total safety. As one becomes more confident, it is possible to specialize in different styles, from speed racing to freestyle.

If you want to add this experience in your itinerary, we can help you to choose a kitesurf course suitable for your training level. Contact our experts at info@savannahtz.com.