African Safaris: Which one do you prefer?

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One advantage about African Safaris is that there are more than one type to pick from, so that the adventure can be enjoyed in many different ways. These safaris range from migration safaris, walking safaris, traditional safaris, mobile safaris, adventure safaris, marine safaris, and the list continues.

–       Migration Safari: During these safaris, tourists have the opportunity to witness annual migrations of animals such as zebras, gazelles or wildebeests. In the Serengeti, about 1.5 million animals can be seen migrating together as they pass through the park.

–       Traditional African Safari: This is the most common type of safari that is done by the majority of tourists, and involves visiting the parks with guides and either camping on the sites, or sleeping in Lodges around the National Parks.

–       Walking Safari: This is an eco-friendly way to discover the bushes while not disturbing the wildlife. Visitors really get to experience the safari by walking through trails and discovering the parks with the guides.

–       Mobile Safari: For people who prefer to sleep in nature, mobile safaris are ideal as they get to tent in the parks, while learning about the local wildlife, communities, and getting to know the other people joining them on the trip. Guests usually help with setting the tents, cooking and washing. What better way to experience the safari hands-on?

–       Adventure Safari: For the more adventurous, adventure safaris are a good option as they include baloon safaris over the Serengeti, bungee jumping in the Victoria Falls, ore ven Kayaking on the rivers and lakes around the country.

–       Marine Safari:  Discover the marine conservation areas of Tanzania through diving or snorkling around the most beautiful islands such as Pemba, Mafia or Zanzibar.