Kitulo, the Serengeti of Flowers

It’s quite rare to hear about Kitulo National Park, but it is worthing to talk about it, as it is a really unique place in Tanzania. Completely off the beaten tracks, Kitulo is the first national park established in Africa because of its flora.

Kitulo is located in the Southern Highlands of Njombe Region: it’s an area that includes amazing landscapes of alpine grassland and montane forest, that is home of more than 350 species of vascular plants, and among them 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid.

This is the reason why the locals call this area “Bustani Ya Mungu” (The Garden of God in Swahili language) or even “Serengeti of Flowers”.

Don’t think that this can be interesting just for botanist. This park is a surprising destination also for hikers, bird-watchers and all travelers who want to visit unspoiled area where to be completely lost in the nature.

Aside the amazing flora, in Kitulo it is also possible to see uncommon animals like chameleon, but also lizards, butterfly and different species of birds. It is a good idea to combine this destination in an itinerary passing by Ruaha and Katavi National Parks.

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