Mahale National Park


In the extreme west of Tanzania exists a beautiful National Park that is not so popular to the public, the Mahale National Park.

This reserve is extremely secluded, expensive to visit (but is however luxurious), and quite tricky to access, but it is very different than any other African National park and is the best place to visit for chimpanzees safaris and trekking.

This exquisite park has both a beautiful white sandy beach, as well as the Mahale mountains which are filled with vegetation and rare animals, as well as the most dense population of apes: baboons, red colobus, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and is of course the home to about 1000 chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee safaris in the Mahale Mountains are very famous, as people get the opportunity to hike the mountain as well as see the chimpanzees from up close and sometimes interact with them.

This area of Tanzania is well known to chimpanzee experts such as the most famous Ms. Jane Goodall, who spent about 45 years studying the behavior of Chimpanzees in the Tanzania, more specifically in the Gombe Stream Region next to the Mahale Mountains.