Reduction of Lion killing in Tanzania through the building of fences


One of the oldest problems in Northern Tanzania is the battle between lions and local Masai’s, who manage to survive mainly due to farming. Masais are an ethnic group who inhabit Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya, and usually reside near game parks.

What has been going on for many years now is a viscious cycle: the lions enter the open villages and kill the cattle, and to get revenge the Masais than hunt these lions and kill them. This is one of the many reasons why the number of lions in that area has been reducing over the years.

“Lion numbers in the region have declined by 50% since 2003 as a result of killings by villagers”-

However, a new solution had been discovered in order to solve this problem: living walls. These are fences that are built around the local Masai villages, in order to protect both the village and the cattle from the lions. About 360 have been built so far (over the last 5 years) and significant improvements have been seen as the lions can no longer reach the cattle to kill them.

This “Living Wall” project is being undertaken by the Wildlife fund and the African people association, which are both American charities.

This project has been very beneficial to both the local Masai communities and to the lions who are being killed less and less, and it continues to expand in different areas of Tanzania as other villages are adopting this cheap and effective technique.