Some facts about Udzungwa

Udzungwa National Park Udzungwa National Park

The Udzungwa National Park lies in central Tanzania along the mountain system having the same name.

The area – that extends for more than 1990km² is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in Africa: in fact this area is home of a lot of different animal species, including the most common African mammals (antelope, elephant, buffalo, etc.), 11 species of primates and more than 400 kinds of birds. Moreover it is possible to recognize more than 2500 different types of plants.

The habitat is very various and ranges from rainforest to grassland and steppe.

This park is a real heaven for all the people who love to do trekking: the reserve is accessible only on foot, because there are no roads suitable for car but just mountain tracks. It is possible to experience itineraries with different level of difficulty and duration. The most popular path is the one reaching Sanje Waterfall, a trekking suitable for everybody, that can be completed in one day. The most challenging and longer is the Lumemo Trail, an amazing trekking experience that lasts 6 days.

Within the borders of this national park there are no lodges or other accommodation facilities, so it is possible to spend the night only camping.

Udzungwa National Park Udzungwa National Park

If you are passionate about nature, trekking, and unspoiled areas Uduzungwa National Park is a place that you doesn’t have to be missed during your travel to Tanzania; it can be reached easily by road from Dar Es Salaam and it can be combined with a safari to Mikumi National Park or other natural reserve of the Southern Circuit.

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