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Located on the East Coast of Tanzania, the Udzungwa National Park has diverse activities to offer to tourist.

Being the most bio diverse and largest chain of forests mountains on the East coast of Tanzania, Udzungwa has about 1,990 sqm of land filled with forests which are abundant in rare vegetation. The park is a wonderful destination for hikers as they can enjoy the beautiful scenery and vegetation during their expedition. The Sanje Waterfall in the national park is 170 meters high and is a great site to relax at during the hike. 

Hikers can also enrich their experience by hiking in the sugar plantations, which surround the Mwanihana peak (the second highest peak in the area), and get the opportunity to observe more than 400 species when reaching the peak.

Bird sighting is also an interesting activity in the park, where the “forest Partridge” was discovered in the year 1991, along with many other species of bird.

Udzungwa National Park is a great destination to visit when going to the nearby parks of Mikumi and Ruaha, where more diverse wildlife can be seen.