UNESCO declares the Selous Game Reserve a World Heritage in danger due to poaching

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After meeting in Doha, Qatar, the World Heritage committee has listed the Selous Game Reserve in the list of World Heritage sites in danger due to increased poaching activities that are endangering the species in that area. The committee had also called on the community both locally and internationally to support Tanzania in its fight against poaching.

With its 50,000 square kilometers and its high population of black rhinos, elephants, hippos, giraffes and crocodiles (and many more species), the Selous game reserve part of the protected areas on the African continent.

Because of increased poaching activities, the amount of wildlife has highly decreased in the region, especially that of elephants and rhinos, and the UNESCO has raised awareness about the situation in order to improve it.

Different initiatives now exist in the country as well as internationally in order to fight poaching activities, but this doesn’t seem to improve the situation enough. Bigger organizations such as UNESCO are now getting involved, with hopes that there will be enough support to overcome this problem.