Zanzibar and the islands of Tanzania. How to choose the best beach for you.

No doubt that Zanzibar is one of the “most wanted” locations of the world for beach holidays. Its white beaches, the rich history and culture and the warm welcome of the local people are the reason why the archipelago have become so popular among travellers.

But when it comes the moment to choose the right beach place, the choice is not always so easy! Just considering the main and wider island, Unguja, we have such an extension and different types of environment that might create a little bit of confusion.

No problem, we’re here to help you. Just one first note: all the coast of Zanzibar is amazing, and you won’t be disappointed anyways. You can select the area that is the best for you, depending on what you would like to do during your holidays.

If you want to swim, at any hour of the day, not in a swimming pool…

In this case, consider the presence of tides. This phoenomenon is quite evident along the eastern coast, where during the low tide the water recedes for many kilometers. It leaves behind wet sand and some warm “natural pools”; good if you like to relax and enjoy a unique landscape changing every hour, but definetly not the best you want to swim without waiting for the high tide.

For avoiding problems related to tides, you can choose the northern side of the island (Nungwi and Kendwa), where the phoenomenon is not that relevant. This area is also famous for the colorful sunset, and the chance to enjoy it during a short and romantic evening cruise.

Nearby the crowdy life, or far away?

Do you want to party or do you prefer to relax? Do you want to socialize and meet new people or do you prefer to stay in a place apart? Think carefully about this detail: the mainstream turistic areas are very alive, fun and parties are guaranteed. But you will never enjoy the silence – and if you would like to, instead, it’s going to be a tricky holiday. The east is like this: Kiwangwa and Pwani Mchangani are good places for party people.

On the other hand, if you decide to choose unspoiled places off the beaten tracks, you can choose the south – Paje, Jambiani, Bwejuu. Keep in mind that when we say “unspoiled” we really mean it: amazing places far away, where tranquillity is the queen.

Mission? Water sports!

Some locations in Zanzibar are most famous about some types of sport you can do there, better than in many other places. Diving and deep sea fishing are perfect along the northern coast. Choose the eastern coast, especially Paje, for the best kitesurfing experience ever.

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It’s our pleasure to help you!