Western Circuit – Katavi, Mahale, Rubondo…

Situated in the Rift Valley is the magnificent Lake Victoria, by far the largest fresh water lake in Africa. Also in the Valley is the equally impressive Lake Tanganyika and a number of other less commercialized National Parks including Gombe, Katavi, Rubondo and Mkomazi. Located in such remote places, these destinations take two modes of transportation to reach, but upon visiting this area no one is ever disappointed. Due to the habitats’ fusion of Western and Eastern African Cultures the Rift Valley has a very unique rainfall, and thus a climate much different then the rest of Tanzania making a visit to this area a truly memorable experience.


Safaris to these alternative destinations are often combined with the Northern or Southern Circuits, primarily because tourists tend to know little about the region. Nonetheless these alternative parks are magnificent, all with their own individual and unique attractions. Gombe Stream National Park is Tanzania’s smallest park and is the natural haven for chimpanzees. Due to the renowned work of Dr. Jane Goodall which took place in Gombe the chimps found here are less wary of human beings then anywhere else in the world and so gives visitors the chance to view these amazing creatures close up. Other attractions to these alternative destinations include a rare breed of antelope as well as many other animals, fish breeding, and the exquisite beauty of Rubondo Island National Park.


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