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Travel to Tanzania, with the right guidebook

A good guidebook is surely the best companion for travelers, from the planning stage of a journey up to the day when you are on the road.

Many publishers offer guidebooks for Tanzania and Zanzibar and often it is not easy to understand which it’s going to be the right one… so, let’s have a look to the most popular.

Rough Guide for Tanzania & Zanzibar

Written by Jens Finke, the Rough Guide for Tanzania & Zanzibar is a reliable source of information for people who would like to have an introduction about this country as well as many useful tips about how to organize a journey.

In fact, next to travel suggestions, this guide offers a well written introductory section with many general information about Tanzania (cultural customs, food, health service, etc).

In the following sections, the guide is focusing on giving practical information, reviews about hotels and restaurant for every budget and clear maps. It’s well focused also about wildlife that you can observe during a safari.

Bradt Guide for Tanzania

Bradt guidebooks are widely recognized to be one among the best about traveling to Africa. The deep knowledge of the different countries and the extensive experience “on the road” of their authors are the warranty of the quality of these books.

It is not just a chance, in fact, that Bradt is known to be a pioneer publisher: tracking unusual destination and giving a particular attention to sustainable tourism are the peculiarity of these publications.

At the same time, the importance given to the layout of the pages and the use of color allow this publisher to offer guidebooks that are not just useful but also nice to read.

Lonely Planet for Tanzania & Zanzibar

Established in 1973, Lonely Planet is today the world’s leading travel guide publisher and the most famous in all the countries. They offer a product that is at the same time rich of information but also easy to read. These guidebooks are suitable also for non-expert travelers.

The one about Tanzania offers samples of itinerary, an interesting section about general information (language, local customs, food, health service, etc.), maps and reviews about hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Lonely Planet is a real passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date travel advise and covers not only the mainstream touristic areas of the country, but also the less visited places and it is suitable for backpackers as well as all-inclusive tourists.

So, either you are an independent traveler, a backpacker looking for the cheapest options or a tourist that prefers luxury journey… don’t forget to put a good guidebook in your bag, before leaving to Tanzania!