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Zanzibar. A tour on the footsteps of Princess Salme

Princess Salme, daughter of Sayyid Said bin Sultan Al-Busaid (Sultan of Zanzibar and Oman) is one of many legendary names having their origin in the archipelago. Her story is written in a book, Memoirs of an Arab Princess – but let’s have a quick look to the highlights of her life.

Salme of Zanzibar

A girl able to ride horses, to fence with sword, dagger and lance, and to fire rifles and pistols… but also one of the few women at that time self-taugh to read and write.
Following her German husband Heinrich Ruete, at one point she moved to Europe.

Even nowadays, around the historical places and ruins in Unguja where she used to live during her childhood, it is possible to discover magical places and secret corners where the past is still alive.

The pictoresque architectures in the ruins of Mtoni Palace, where she was born and lived the earliest years of her life and the ruins of the elegant Kidichi Persian Baths.

Leaving from Stone Town you can also get the chance to taste a bit of the everyday life at the Sultan’s court: the traditional coffee ceremony, the doneky ride to Kidichi, a meal prepared in the traditional way (pilau, fish masala, meat, bananas, salad, fruits, fresh fruit juice and spice tea) and a tour across the spice plantations.

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