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World Tourism Day 2014

Best wishes for WTD 2014

“Each time we travel, use local transport at a destination or buy products from a local market we are contributing to a long value chain that creates jobs, provides livelihoods, empowers local communities, and ultimately brings in new opportunities for a better future”.
Taleb Rifai – Secretary General of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Today we are celebrating the World Tourism Day (WTD), a recurring event established by UNTWO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) since 1980. Its aim is to raise awareness about the importance of tourism within the society, on an economical and cultural point of view.

Main theme of this year is “Tourism and Community Development” with a particular focus on the ability of tourism to empower people and to be the agent of a sustainable development.

This is important for developing countries like Tanzania, that can find in tourism a drawing power for the economic and social growth. In the last years, in fact, more and more programs about sustainable tourism have been developed in the country with the aim to protect the environment, to involve the local community in the mainstream tourism and to promote the local cultural heritage.

Savannah Tours pays a special attention in organizing safaris as sustainable as possible, promoting the professionalism of the local staff and cultural programs that are respectful of the local costumes and can bring benefits to the Tanzanian community.

Our best wishes to all the people who are traveling in Tanzania today, and to all the local workers in the sector of tourism!