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Beyond Zanzibar. Best resorts on islands and coast

A brilliant choice for people who already came to Tanzania more than one time – and maybe are looking for something different from Zanzibar, for their beach relax. As well, for the ones expecting something special, best diving spots or romantic locations for honeymoon.

The coast and island of Tanzania can be a real surprise! Our experts at Savannah have collected a ‘top 5’ list of incredible beach resorts… for travellers who want to explore beyond Zanzibar.

Fundu Lagoon // Pemba Island

A remote and peaceful resort accessible only by boat, along the beautiful beach in the south-west of Pemba Island. 18 ‘makuti’ tented rooms can be reached by wooden walkways and sandy paths – 3 different levels available: standard, suite and superior. Whatever is your choice, you will enjoy the incredible Ocean view. The best advice we can give to the ones looking for total quiet and privacy.

Pole Pole // Mafia Island

One of the most exclusive eco-resorts in the world, it is renowned for its great cuisine, unpretentious and laid-back atmosphere, and warm but discrete hospitality. A good balance of luxury and respect for local culture and environment, with a touch of style. Seven ‘Luxury bungalows suites’ and two ‘Family bungalows’, with large private verandahs and furnished with a Zanzibari bed, chairs, table and an armchair. Low environmental impact is the plus of this resort.

Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge // Saadani National Park

Located on the beach in the middle of the Saadani National Park, the only place where you can experience untamed, untouched East Africa combined with the beauty of the Indian Ocean. The lodge offers five Maridadi suites, nine Classic Banda suites and one Siri Suite – each open on to the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean with verandas overlooking the beach. Plus amazing meals, that combine local fresh produce and professional skills to create sumptuous healthy and delicious dishes.

The Manta Resort // Pemba Island

Something different from most tropical islands… and it’s not about five-star luxury! If it’s serenity, close encounters with nature and a family of staff you crave, then the Manta Resort might be just the place for you. The resort is famous because of a private floating island with an underwater bedroom four meters below the surface – but the luxury bungalows on the coastline are incredible as well. At the rear of the terrace you will enjoy our excellent food and the lounge provides comfortable seating where you can socialise.

Ras Kutani // Dar Es Salaam

Even the big city can be a surprise… just a few kilometers driving on the southern side, you can find this luxury resort settled along the beach. The soul of Ras Kutani emanates from the never-ending stretches of creamy white sand, broken only by footprints and the lapping of the cool blue waves. From the breathtaking views from the private hillside suites, down through the rustling palm trees, to the beachfront cottages, overlooking the warms waters of the Indian Ocean, is paradise personified: the perfect secluded beach retreat on the Swahili coast.

If you want to include a beach destination and one of these amazing accommodation in your safari, contact us at info@savannahtz.com. Our safari expert will be pleased to assist you!

Under the sea!

The Indian Ocean is like a wonderful gift box. Can you figure out how many creatures live in the sea of Tanzania and Zanzibar? Many, colorful and extraordinary ones! The coral reef itself is alive, and home at the same time for species of fishes, shellfishes and marine predators.

Let’s have a look!

Secret treasures of Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Off the beaten tracks, as first. Pemba, the green island, is the less touristic corner of the Archipelago of Zanzibar – mostly covered by rainforest and surrounded by lagoons, where the sea looks as an incredible emerald ocean.

The quiet population are mainly farmers and fishermen, proud of their land and their tradition; welcoming towards small scale tourism, much less towards the mass one. Long roads crossing endless forests, totally unspoilt beaches, just a few cars, small towns… this is what you are going to see in Pemba.

Environmental and cultural treasures are many, and still well hidden many times. Let’s try to discover them.

Looking for Pemba Flying Foxes…

These giant bats are the most famous endemic species. Several colonies are spread around the island, even nearby places where humans live. One is at the archaeological site Kidike, so a visit is worthing for more than a reason. Another very large one is in the town of Wete, nearby the port, where at sunset you can see hundreds flying foxes floating in the air.

Beaches & Forests

A nature walk in Ngezi Forest will surprise you in many ways. This is a majestic indigenous rainforest, full of birds and wildlife: over thousand-years trees all around, in a very special atmosphere that you can’t find in many other places in the world. After crossing the forest, take some time to walk along Vumawimbi beach, one of the favourite places where local people spend the week-end.

Diving and snorkeling at the coral reef

Many smaller islands surround Pemba, and many of them are in coral reef areas. One most famous is Misali, but there are many more unspoilt corners that are excellent locations to see the rich marine fauna of the Indian Ocean: it’s possible to see as many as 400 types of fish, and a huge array of pelagics. Colorful tropical fishes, extraordinary corals and other creatures are very near… even if you’re just a snorkeler for hobby.

The factory of essential oils

You will need a good guide in order of booking a visit to this special secret place! Here spices of the island are used to produce extraordinary oils… probably the best souvenir that you can bring back home, to remember the magic Pemba from its typical fragrance.